We love lunch too!

Hi there! We’re Carin and Melissa and we love to eat. We are both busy working moms that spend way too much time thinking about what to make for dinner every night and we think that you might do the same. We started this blog as a way to be a little more creative in our lives and challenge ourselves to take skills that we already have (cooking fabulous food) and learn a new way to share them. If we can make a little extra lunch money in the process that would be spectacular. Carin likes to cook whatever she’s in the mood for that day and use what is ready to be picked in her garden. Melissa plans her meals for the week and almost always sticks to it. Between the two of us we’re hoping that you will find some inspiration and learn a few tricks.

Some days we find ourselves looking at our families and thinking “Ugh, didn’t I just feed you people yesterday?” and in those moments we go to our favorite quick and easy meals that take very little thought once you have made them a couple of times. Other days we are inspired by a new recipe that we just know will be delicious and we can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start on it. Of course, we wish that we could guarantee that our food will make your family so grateful for the work that you did in the kitchen that they will fall over themselves to give you a foot rub and clean up the kitchen in appreciation. Ina Garten’s food probably wouldn’t do that. Our recipes just might get you a clean plate and thank you though.


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